servers down for matinence

we have shut our servers down temporarily for matinee and hope to have them back up soon

servers affected

  • RLCraft#
  • G.P.P Vanilla
  • Insane Survival
  • G.P.G Modded

Other news

we are working on setting up a Satisfactory server as well as getting the Space Engineer server back up as of now we are not able to do this due to some issues that we are attempting to resolve we hope to have this fixed soon and the new servers up

server updates as of 27/07/2021

Minecraft server news

we have updated our insane survival Minecraft server to the latest release of Minecraft (1.17.1) along with fixing a bug with our server manager which stoped the servers from restarting from a crash we have also updated all the plugins in bungee and in insane survival

we have also started work on the long-awaited RPG survival server we have planned for this server to include such things as quests, level-ups, medieval-style towns and cities and a few more things currently it is a work in progress and we hope to have a basic setup in a few months

Space engineers server news

we have started work on the space engineers server again we will be running the server on the same instance as our Minecraft servers which will mean that it will be easier to manage the server

we have been having issues with setting up this server but we believe that the latest update to our server manager will fix this issue and you all will be able to play and build with your friends

Other news

we are working on upgrades to our network and servers that will hopefully help improve your gaming experience on our servers some of the upgrades we are looking at include new server hardware and network equipment we don’t have any planned date for this yet but we are looking into possible dates

A small update to the servers

so we haven’t updated the server to 1.17 just yet as spigot we will most likely just update the survival world and if all goes well we will update the creative server to 1.17 we are currently testing the latest Minecraft update on one of our servers all of our other servers such as TF2 are not affected by some of the changes we made

the servers were off yesterday as we were making preps for updating the servers to 1.17 along with updating the OS on the server so we can keep your data protected the servers are back up now as they were only offline for the updates the servers can now run java 16 however we may take the servers back down to adjust some things

updating server on the 23 April

we will be upgrading our server so they will be down fo a bit of time so the servers that will be down are

  • Minecraft
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Discord bots
  • server manager

once we have finished the upgrades we will boot up all of the servers again and all your stuff will be there if they are any problems we will let you know we are planning on doing this Fri 23 April we will be making backups today as well so some servers might go down during this

network maintenance

we will be doing work on our network on the 24 we do expect that our network will be down for 4 days after wich we will have evrething redy for yous to play on our server and we also hope that this will increese our speed across our network

during this time our servers will be down and we will try and work on them at this time and fix any problems on them

Update on what is happening

website update

we have had to set up a new database for our website due to a plugin on our site that had corrupted some of the data on the site this means that we have had to load a backup and have lost some and have lost some of our users so we are suggesting if you have had an account to register on the site again.

some of the links have changed due to loading up a back up of the database and we have done our best to get as many things back up for yous and we apologise for any problems this has caused you.

Our Servers

we have also been working on our server and as you may know, we have gotten the insane survival server back up we have been working on a way to make the server better for our admins to manage and we have set up a way for them to do just that along with setting up a way to let you know what we are working one and what we are planning on adding to the server if you want to have a look at it click here to see them.

we do plan on seting this up for all our servers as from the feed back we have gotten it seem that poeple are happy with it and like the idea. we also like it as it helps out our admins with manging the servers

we have also been working on getting some of our other servers back up and we have gotten two more of our servers up and the servers we got back up and running are our insane server and the map test server we know you might not be the server that you are wanting set up right now but we are working hard to get the other servers set up

Minecraft servers is back up

we have been working non-stop to get one of your favourite servers that we provide which is insane survival and it is back up and running we have added a new hub world and added a new game type to our Skyblock we are still working on the other servers and hope to get them back up too


  • added hub server
  • updated to 1.16
  • added Cave
  • install ClearLag plugin on all insane survival servers
  • more coming soon

we have also been working on a new way to manage our server that would also allow us to make servers like CS:GO, Team Fortress 2 and Space Engineers.

we are still trying to get the data back that we lost in the server crash we hope to recover this as soon as we can but we will try and get that data back and we apologise to all our users who have lost stuff in this crash.

have we fixed it yet?

so we have been looking into these crashes and it seems to be that the server was overheating but a new problem was found when we powered up the server the main drive were all of the servers were kept was not being detected we are currently looking into ways to fix this

hopefully, there will not be any data loss but we are thinking of a way to prevent this in the future such as changing the RAID configuration we will be using

server crashing

due to the server crashing multiple times we have shut our servers down for a while and we are investigating why it is happening once we have fixed the issue we will boot the servers back up

other news

we are currently trying to set up a way to allow people to buy some of our free server space we are also looking to set up more servers for other games some of the games we are thinking of adding are Garry’s mod and Rust but we wanted to get people’s opinion on it first

COVID-19 How it has affected us

we here at Insane Servers are following the UK Governments advice and we have advised for all our employees to work from home

This should not affect any of our servers due to our admins being able to manage them remotely if anything happens to them and the staff who play on the servers will be able to join at any time and manage them.