servers down for matinence

we have shut our servers down temporarily for matinee and hope to have them back up soon

servers affected

  • RLCraft#
  • G.P.P Vanilla
  • Insane Survival
  • G.P.G Modded

Other news

we are working on setting up a Satisfactory server as well as getting the Space Engineer server back up as of now we are not able to do this due to some issues that we are attempting to resolve we hope to have this fixed soon and the new servers up

server updates as of 27/07/2021

Minecraft server news

we have updated our insane survival Minecraft server to the latest release of Minecraft (1.17.1) along with fixing a bug with our server manager which stoped the servers from restarting from a crash we have also updated all the plugins in bungee and in insane survival

we have also started work on the long-awaited RPG survival server we have planned for this server to include such things as quests, level-ups, medieval-style towns and cities and a few more things currently it is a work in progress and we hope to have a basic setup in a few months

Space engineers server news

we have started work on the space engineers server again we will be running the server on the same instance as our Minecraft servers which will mean that it will be easier to manage the server

we have been having issues with setting up this server but we believe that the latest update to our server manager will fix this issue and you all will be able to play and build with your friends

Other news

we are working on upgrades to our network and servers that will hopefully help improve your gaming experience on our servers some of the upgrades we are looking at include new server hardware and network equipment we don’t have any planned date for this yet but we are looking into possible dates

A small update to the servers

so we haven’t updated the server to 1.17 just yet as spigot we will most likely just update the survival world and if all goes well we will update the creative server to 1.17 we are currently testing the latest Minecraft update on one of our servers all of our other servers such as TF2 are not affected by some of the changes we made

the servers were off yesterday as we were making preps for updating the servers to 1.17 along with updating the OS on the server so we can keep your data protected the servers are back up now as they were only offline for the updates the servers can now run java 16 however we may take the servers back down to adjust some things

updating server on the 23 April

we will be upgrading our server so they will be down fo a bit of time so the servers that will be down are

  • Minecraft
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Discord bots
  • server manager

once we have finished the upgrades we will boot up all of the servers again and all your stuff will be there if they are any problems we will let you know we are planning on doing this Fri 23 April we will be making backups today as well so some servers might go down during this

We have a new server

We asked yous on Discord what type of server you would like and you all voted for an RLCraft server so here we are after a bit of testing we now have an RLCraft server we have also added a death counter so that you can know how many times you have died the counter may be temporary as we do not know many people will be playing gon the server and if the list gets too big we will get rid of it so that it does not distract yous from enjoying the server

To join the server got to the server page here and download Cures Forge and install the RLCraft mod pack make sure you have the latest version of the pack as we will be updating the one on the server when needed

Servers Back up

it took longer than we thought but the servers are back up we believe it had something to do with the end but that’s just a guess we believe that it most likely that there were multiple instances of the servers running causing confusion on where to send the data because of this issue was down to the performance of the servers

of course, it could have been caused by commands being spammed to the server as we did set up an auto messaging system to let players know about our website and our discord so now that the servers back up feel free to join them now

update of the server

this is just a small one but hopefully, it will help we have enabled a world border on the server and we have set it to 10,000 blocks as we don’t believe that players will go out further than that

Minecraft servers down

We were informed one of our Minecraft servers was down so we looking into it and found out that all of our Minecraft servers were acting up they would ether run but not let any players join or they just infinintly load.

we are working on fixint this right now we cant be shure how long this will take but we estimat at most it will take a day to fix

servers affected

the servers afected by this are

in other news

we have added a report player system to our website for yous to use. All you have to do is got to the support dropdown menu and it will be the 2nd option down or you can click here.

we are planning on adding a way to allow you to upload videos and images to the reporting form but we will leave it as is now if have video footage of someone suspected of cheating you can put a link in the more detail section of the form.

New Year Update

We work hard to run our servers and we try to inprove them as best we can with our limited staff and we are trying our verry best to get new players on the servers so if you like our servers and want to help use out then let your frends abiout the servers

Insane Survival

we have had some new players updated some plugins and of cores fixing the bugs and crashes that happen when running a server but the biggest update to happen recently is this one where we have to add a creative server so you can show off your building skills to your friends and the entire server and for the players who have been with us since the start you will be glad to know that this time the creative server works the way it is mento

we are also working an RPG server for the players who would like a bit more of an RPG element to the game we don’t want the RPG server to be too much like the survival one so we are trying to get plugins that are different from the survival server and if you have any you think will do then fell free to sugest them on our Discord

Insane Survival updates

we have been working very hard on the server with recent cash of our server that we had to fix and trying to fix any of the broken plugins which we have made great progress with like with the survival map and we have also been looking at new plugins for the survival server like trying out new plugins that will keep your base safe.

base pertiction

we have been trying out ultimate claims for the survival serve as suggested by conker and after a few days of testing and some feedback, we have decided to go back to grief prevention as players were struggling to use ultimate claims and we made the choice to go back to grief prevention.

new stuff on the server

we have also been working on adding new stuff the server such as adding a new bedwars map to the mini-games server we have also added a new plugin called Prism as we believe this will help our admins run and manage the servers without any problems

mini-games added to insane survival

so we have been working on Insane Survival by adding a new server to it one where you can play a bunch of mini-games on so you don’t just have to play survival or skyblock some of the games we have added are

  • bedwars
  • hunger games
  • battle arenas
  • racing

we have currently been working on the races we have a total of 3 set up right now with more being added soon we are also working setting up the map for the bed wars which should be set up soon we will notify you of all of this through our discord so remember to join it to get the latest information