About Us

Insane Servers was set up by Insane Lord (Owen) so that gamers have a place to connect and meet new people to play games with and host servers for the game they love

As a Compeny

we are a provider of dedicated servers for games and we host all of them on our own privet servers with some of them being public ones if you would like to play on them then go to our servers tab and find all of them and a hand full of comunity ones too.

Some of the dedicated servers we provide are Space Engineers, Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 (with more added when support for the come’s out from us) this is just the ones we support currently we are wanting to add more and if you have a suggestion then just let our admins know on our Discord server

contact us

if you want to contact us about us hosting a server for you or about sponsoring us or any of our servers then please use this email contact@insane-servers.co.uk