server updates as of 27/07/2021

Minecraft server news

we have updated our insane survival Minecraft server to the latest release of Minecraft (1.17.1) along with fixing a bug with our server manager which stoped the servers from restarting from a crash we have also updated all the plugins in bungee and in insane survival

we have also started work on the long-awaited RPG survival server we have planned for this server to include such things as quests, level-ups, medieval-style towns and cities and a few more things currently it is a work in progress and we hope to have a basic setup in a few months

Space engineers server news

we have started work on the space engineers server again we will be running the server on the same instance as our Minecraft servers which will mean that it will be easier to manage the server

we have been having issues with setting up this server but we believe that the latest update to our server manager will fix this issue and you all will be able to play and build with your friends

Other news

we are working on upgrades to our network and servers that will hopefully help improve your gaming experience on our servers some of the upgrades we are looking at include new server hardware and network equipment we don’t have any planned date for this yet but we are looking into possible dates

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