Minecraft servers down

We were informed one of our Minecraft servers was down so we looking into it and found out that all of our Minecraft servers were acting up they would ether run but not let any players join or they just infinintly load.

we are working on fixint this right now we cant be shure how long this will take but we estimat at most it will take a day to fix

servers affected

the servers afected by this are

in other news

we have added a report player system to our website for yous to use. All you have to do is got to the support dropdown menu and it will be the 2nd option down or you can click here.

we are planning on adding a way to allow you to upload videos and images to the reporting form but we will leave it as is now if have video footage of someone suspected of cheating you can put a link in the more detail section of the form.

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