New Year Update

We work hard to run our servers and we try to inprove them as best we can with our limited staff and we are trying our verry best to get new players on the servers so if you like our servers and want to help use out then let your frends abiout the servers

Insane Survival

we have had some new players updated some plugins and of cores fixing the bugs and crashes that happen when running a server but the biggest update to happen recently is this one where we have to add a creative server so you can show off your building skills to your friends and the entire server and for the players who have been with us since the start you will be glad to know that this time the creative server works the way it is mento

we are also working an RPG server for the players who would like a bit more of an RPG element to the game we don’t want the RPG server to be too much like the survival one so we are trying to get plugins that are different from the survival server and if you have any you think will do then fell free to sugest them on our Discord

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