Minecraft servers is back up

we have been working non-stop to get one of your favourite servers that we provide which is insane survival and it is back up and running we have added a new hub world and added a new game type to our Skyblock we are still working on the other servers and hope to get them back up too


  • added hub server
  • updated to 1.16
  • added Cave
  • install ClearLag plugin on all insane survival servers
  • more coming soon

we have also been working on a new way to manage our server that would also allow us to make servers like CS:GO, Team Fortress 2 and Space Engineers.

we are still trying to get the data back that we lost in the server crash we hope to recover this as soon as we can but we will try and get that data back and we apologise to all our users who have lost stuff in this crash.

COVID-19 How it has affected us

we here at Insane Servers are following the UK Governments advice and we have advised for all our employees to work from home

This should not affect any of our servers due to our admins being able to manage them remotely if anything happens to them and the staff who play on the servers will be able to join at any time and manage them.

Upgrading the servers

We are upgrading to a new server that will allow us to host more servers but due to this, we have closed all our server until the new one is up and running.

we would not normally want to do this but because of the new system we are going to be using we have had to temporally close our server the new system we will be using should allow our admins on the servers to fix any issues with them.

we hope to get the servers back up and running as soon as we can we apologise for any issues this may have caused

A New Page For You

we have been asked by a few users if they could help us out in some way other than just giving them a staff role on one of our servers we figure that they could help us out by donating us a few bucks to help out with the cost of running the server

so here it is a link to the new page: https://insane-servers.co.uk/index.php/donate/

support us if you can and help us run our servers

Our Servers Status

we are still trying to find out why the servers are crashing randomly we have had them idling for some time and they have not crashed yet so we will be starting up our servers one at a time to help debug the servers

we will be reopening our insane survival server so we can start getting players back on the servers and also we will be opening our TF2 server as well

we apologise for any problems this has caused you